Week 2: Hydration & Coffee or Tea – 52 Weeks of Wellness Program

The focus is on hydration this month and how coffee/black tea impacts this key to wellness. Both are acidic which disrupt the body’s natural pH balance which in turns disrupts the digestive process.

So you say, not a big deal. However, first the immune system is primarily in the gut and second, if you are not digesting food may literally be starving to death. This creates the perfect environment to create sickness & disease.

Coffee/Tea with caffeine also greatly stress the body which greats to further health issues. So your challenge this week is to greatly reduce or eliminate these deterrents of health.

Consider drinking water with peppermint oil (safer stimulant) to energize and give you a lift in the morning or during the day. Keep me posted with your questions, challenges or how you are doing. Thanks for participating!

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  1. Vcatm
    Vcatm says:

    How about organic green tea? I drink it all day long to keep warm at work. I’m loving week one but peppermint in my water in the morning is not especially enjoyable. Can we just take the peppermint straight?


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